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Lights, Camera, Action!

So I thought it’s really time to spread my wings beyond writing and get into a few different forms of media. It took me ages to record this simple 2 minute piece. Not sure why it’s so yellow – maybe I’ll have a play with the white balance next time. Also for some reason when shooting it I managed to create a situation where the camera was level, the door frame was perfectly vertical, but the picture on the wall tilted by around 20 degrees! So is video the way to go? I think it will take a few more attempts before I’m completely sure.


PlanetNLPs new logo

Recently I decided that PlanetNLP needed a bit of a refresh. I decided to start with a new logo – see above. I hope you like it. The process of developing a new logo was a bit of an ‘aha’ for me. I used a company called 99Designs who use a process called crowdsourcing whereby designers from all over the world compete to develop the logo. I found the process quite unsettling because I was often giving fairly positive feedback to people whom were never going to make any money out of the work they were doing for me all the time knowing that they were going to go away and waste more time trying to impress me – it’s a process that takes a little getting used to.
Anyway back to my aha. I made it quite clear in my design specification that I wanted something a little different but I still spent day after day rejecting logos for being too bland or too corporate. I can only assume that this is what people usually want.
Almost every day I discover a new NLP training company website populated with pictures of smiling suit clad beautiful people. What is it with these plastic people? Since when was NLP about conformity? When did the ability to own and wear a suit and get an expensive haircut equate to being skilled at anything at all?
It seems that professionalism has become another word for conformity.
When I first discovered NLP it was a mixture of academics like Robert Dilts explain complex modelling concepts on flipcharts and renegades like Richard Bandler demonstrating double inductions with sock puppets. NLP was cool and exciting. Now even Richard Bandler wears a suit and avoids swearing on his DVDs.
Next up is a redesign of the website, and now I realise that rather than try to make PlanetNLP seem like a big corporate site I should be more ‘honest’. PlanetNLP is my writings and views on NLP and it should live and die on the quality of those writings rather than because it has the shiny people on the front page with nice teeth and an expensive suit.


A beginning …

So here we are. The first post on the PlanetNLP blog. So why am I doing this?

I guess we’ll find out over the next few weeks and months.